We Know SSL Consoles

Sonic Circus is an Authorized dealer for Solid State Logic Recording Consoles.  In addition to carrying new SSL products, we also offer an in house refurbishment program for Pre-Owned SSL Large Format Analog Consoles. So whether you prefer your SSL “Old School” or “New School”, we can provide you with a professional solution.
An SSL console in your control room, creates a distinctive landscape for music production.  The powerful SSL gain staging, routing, EQ’s and dynamics are used to create great music every day in some of the best studios in the world.  SSL continues to push Recall and Automation to new standards including fader control for DAWs.

After years of SSL experience at his Real World Studios, musician Peter Gabriel purchased the company in 2005 and has focused on development of compact, advanced digital audio solutions, while the company continues to be a leader in large format, Broadcast, Film and Recording technology.


Here at Sonic Circus we refurbish large format SSL consoles for studios around the world.


Putting the final touches on a SSL 4040/E before shipping.

Putting the final touches on a SSL 4040/E before shipping.

Large format Recording Consoles
SSL 4000E/G/G+
SSL 9000J/9000K
SSL Duality

Small Format
SSL AWS 900/900 Plus/900 Plus SE*
SSL AWS 924/948*

Workstation Mixing
SSL Matrix
SSL Nucleus
SSL X-Rack

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