Sonic Circus Opens Studio

Sonic Circus Opens Studio
Harmonyville, VT (June 6, 2013) It seems like a no-brainer. With access to a warehouse full of new and pre-owned recording gear, and an active vintage audio business, you’d expect to find a dream recording studio in the Sonic Circus warehouse in Southern Vermont. Right? In the past few months that dream has begun to be a reality. As David Lyons, president of Sonic Circus, puts it, “After all, we’re all musicians here, it seems crazy to have all of this gear and not be making music.”

The initial studio setup centers around a 48 channel Neve VR console and a Pro Tools HD recording system. The desk is set up in a large open space between the shop and the warehouse floor, the drum space is in a corner of the warehouse and the guitar room is off of the shop space. The gobos and diffusers that tame the control room and the recording spaces were all built in-house for the Sonic Circus Harmonyville Concepts furniture line. Sonic_Circus_Studio_w

“The gear is always changing,” says Lyons, “so we work with what we have and the guys who work here get direct experience with some cool vintage equipment.” The custom outboard racks house a revolving selection of EQs, dynamics and mic preamps from the Sonic Circus inventory. The studio also serves as a real world space to audition and evaluate all the great new technology and boutique gear that rolls through Sonic Circus.

A studio has been in the works since the beginning of Sonic Circus. As a guitarist and composer, Lyons’ original intention was to build his own recording studio in Boston, but when he started gathering gear, the difficulty of trying to source vintage, new, and custom audio equipment led directly to the creation of Sonic Circus.

The studio is a non-commercial venture, and will be available during business hours and by appointment, for clients to bring in a session and really experiment with sounds. “After hours we can just close the doors, shut off the phones, and get creative.” says Lyons, “We will be putting together a schedule that concentrates on putting unique musical talent together with producers and engineers, as well as attracting some equipment sponsors for the facility.”

Some rare pieces from the Sonic Circus private collection are being put to good use in the recording sessions, including a Tama drum kit from Motown, The Bearsvillle Studio Wurlitzer, some Neumann mics from Decca, and the entire Indigo Ranch Amp and Pedal collection.Sonic_Circus_Tama_w

In-house engineer Julian McBrowne tracked the first sessions in the room with the Sonic Circus rhythm section and Afro-Cuban percussionist William Rodriguez. “I’m thrilled that the studio is finally happening,” says McBrowne, “It’s a great opportunity to record with some classic gear.”

About Sonic Circus
Since 1996, Sonic Circus has worked with recording studios, broadcast studios, live sound companies, and independent engineer/producers, providing equipment, technical design, and support for all aspects of audio production.