Vintage Neve 8038 and Fairchild 660s to Revolution Recording

Check out the photos of the Neve 8038 32 x 16 x 24 that is cooking in Revolution Recording in Neve8068closeToronto.  Joe Dunphy and his partners Joao Carvalho, Kim Cooke and John MacDonald have built a world class studio which is rapidly becoming one of the most popular recording locations in Toronto.

The studio is not lacking in kudos – the A room graced the cover of the MIX Studio Design – Class of 2012, and Rush drummer Neil Peart has called Revolution Recording the best-sounding studio he’s ever recorded in. In addition to the 8038, Sonic Circus also sourced two consecutively numbered Fairchild 660s for the studio. We know some folks who’d go to Toronto just for that – how about you?