Downsizing or Liquidating your Recording Studio?

Downsizing? Sonic Circus Can Help You!
Straight talk on downsizing or liquidating your recording studio.

Are you downsizing your recording studio?
Recording has gone through a complete revolution in the past 15 years. Audio tasks that once required specialized equipment, tech know-how and a control room, can now be done – almost as well – with a laptop and headphones in an office. Added to that, the current economic realities make it increasingly difficult to maintain and operate a full sized recording studio. So for many of us, it’s time to downsize.

What’s the Good News?
Leaving aside the analog vs. digital debate, there’s no question that the computer-based studio has made it possible for many producers and engineers to stay in business and continue to do good work. The upside of the recording revolution is that we can continue to pursue sonic excellence – with a new set of audio tools – in spaces that don’t require the same amount of real estate.

How am I Going to Do This?liquidcomp copy
Look around your studio. First, decide what you’re going to keep. Maybe it’s your favorite vocal mic-preamp-compressor chain and your powered monitors. Maybe it’s your room treatments and your drum kit. But whatever you choose to keep, you will have to find new homes for the rest of your equipment. Suddenly this is looking like a big job. Taking photos, writing descriptions, setting prices, shipping, and most importantly – getting the word out.

Let Us Help You
Sonic Circus has helped many artists and commercial studios at this point in their story. Unlike Ebay or Craigslist, the Sonic Circus mailing list directly targets people who are knowledgable, motivated, and ready to buy. Every month we reach out to thousands of audio pros who are looking for what you’re selling. Because we know both vintage and contemporary audio equipment so well, we are often called on to help liquidate entire studios and to assess the quality and value of the equipment. We can do this for you. Click to get started.

This is how we are able to offer the best vintage/used studio gear to thousands of loyal Sonic Circus customers.