Studio Design and Consultation

best control roomwThe Sonic Circus approach to studio design and build projects streamlines the process for our clients. Handling all aspects in house allows us to create innovative and cost-effective solutions that cannot be matched. Total project management allows us to tailor the equipment, acoustic space, and decor very specifically. Typically rooms and equipment packages are put together in a sort of random way which often leads to frustrating results. The equipment comes from one source the client hires an acoustician, then maybe a interior designer at the end to pull it together. Chances are the interior designer does not even know what your equipment does, or what kind of decor bands prefer versus songwriters or an advertising client. Let’s say Sonic Circus tailors an environment for a specific task such as recording rock music. Then every aspect PLAN copystudio and isowould be done with this in mind. The equipment would have the classic rock sound, the studio would be setup to accommodate musicians and their instruments, and the decor would make the bands feel inspired not intimidated. Finding the clients specific niche and then creating a custom solution ensures success. Budget is always an issue whenever a complex project like a new facility is being planned. Sonic Circus can provide realistic numbers upfront so the budget can be realized without compromising the projects goals. Too often the budget gets spent in elaborate construction and infrastructure resulting in less money for vital things like equipment wiring. If we know the equipment is going to be expensive then we can come up with cost effective construction plans to ensure we stay on budget. Give us a call to discuss your next idea!  callsc4gear