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Rock Garden Studio’s New Location

image-2Take a look at the new digs of The Rock Garden Studio in Appleton WI. Mark Golde and his crew have set up one of the finest studios in the Fox Valley of central WI. The highlight of the control room is the fully restored Deane Jensen API Aengus console. If you want to see more of the console, check out this video of the move from the old studio space to the new one.

And enjoy the photos of the new space.

image image-5 image-4 image-3 image-1

A Well-travelled Neve 8048

8048-orig_ownerHere’s a great ad we just got from our bud Dom at Santa Barbara Sound Design. Sir George Martin and the crew gathered around the (not yet ‘vintage’) Neve 8048. Years later, after a life in the UK, it lived and worked in Santa Barbera, then visited us here in VT for a thorough refurb & restoration, and moved on to a new home in Omaha, Nebraska at Saddle Creek Records.